P.O. Box 540436 , Omaha, NE 68154

P.O. Box 540436 , Omaha, NE 68154

Tender Transitions Services

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Ensuring Your Moving Process is Smooth & Positive

The services we provide at Tender Transitions are designed to help you or your loved one relocate as smoothly as possible. We begin by reviewing your unique situation, then designing a plan with you to meet your individual needs. Throughout the moving process, our experienced, caring staff smoothly handles all of the exhausting, irritating details, ensuring your move is a positive experience.

What to Expect with Tender Transitions

While each scenario is unique, we offer every client the same professional, caring services for a seamless transition. At Tender Transitions, we provide the following:

The initial visit serves primarily as a consultation within a potential client’s home, allowing us to get to know you and assess your needs. This meeting allows you and/or family members to share ideas, plans, thoughts, and concerns. Our staff is there to listen, provide feedback, and often make helpful suggestions. We also take the opportunity to look around your current home and determine the exact services you may need. This meeting will usually take about an hour.

Because we understand that no two moves are alike, we work to develop a personalized plan just for you. This plan is based on shared information that includes a timeline and detailed costs associated with the move. By taking the time to address all the details up front, we can ensure a smooth, positive experience.

To begin, we measure the new space to help determine which items will go to the new residence and where each piece will fit. After this, we create a detailed floor plan for the new home. Then, working together, we sort and help identify the items that will be sold, given to family or charity, or thrown away. Our team handles all arrangements for the distribution of these items. If necessary, we can also schedule the current home to be cleaned once all personal items have been removed.

When it’s time to pack and move, we are there to oversee the process, ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible. On move day, we bring in our staff to your new residence to unpack and put away all personal belongings. We organize the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, and even make the beds. When we’re finished, all of the boxes and packing materials are removed, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy your new home.

This is one of our greatest services! We follow up with you to make sure everything in your new home is as it should be.

Since we are here to help, we offer many services that cater to special needs or concerns, from shopping for new or replacement items, to creating “memory” videos of your prior residence. Our wide knowledge base provides us with many outside resources to assist in making your transitional move simple.

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How Much Will it Cost?

Since each move is so unique, the cost of services from Tender Transitions is estimated per project. As always, the initial consultation is free. After our meeting with you, we bid the cost of the entire job based on the number of hours we estimate to be involved in the move and services requested for the relocation.

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The Tender Touch

What is “The Tender Touch?”

At Tender Transitions, we understand that the process of moving can be filled with a variety of emotions, both positive and negative. This is why all of our staff prides themselves on taking the stress out of moving. We take care of all of the exhausting details, from finding the resources for the move, to unpacking and organizing your new home.

All of your belongings are treated with care as we unbox and put items away, and we situate your furniture so that it is in just the right place. Our team will set up the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room, placing everything where it belongs as discussed during planning. Once we’re finished, we walk with you through the home to make sure you know exactly where items have been put away. We also remove all of the boxes and packing materials before we leave, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your new home.

Of course, we don’t consider our job complete once move-in day is done. You can expect a follow up from us to ensure your space is working for your needs. Our goal is to ensure the moving process for you is as seamless as possible.

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